Interior Finishes

Interior products are finished with a clear lacquer, available in a flat, satin, or gloss sheen.

Clear lacquer allows the natural colors of the metal to come through. If you prefer something other than the natural color of the metal, choose from the following options.

    • Solid paint—full color palette available
    • Polished metal
    • Aged, darkened, or exposed
    • Bronzing and highlights

Exterior Painted Finishes

Products that will be exposed to weather or regular moisture are first finished with an oxide primer. Oxide primer fuses better to the metal than regular paint, providing a base layer protection against corrosion.

Exterior painted finishes are low maintenance. Although many of our customers seek out a weathered or aged appeal, maintaining a uniform look of an exterior product is achieved by re-applying a painted finish periodically. We have exterior products installed in many locations where repainting wasn’t required for up to 10 years. An advantage of painted finishes is that corrosion can easily be arrested.

On painted finishes where high corrosion protection is required—as in marine environments—an array of options are available.

Power Coating

We have had great success with products that are not powder coated. We do recommend a powder-coated finish for areas exposed to excessive wear and where superior corrosion protection is required.

Powder coating, when applied correctly, provides a durable and long lasting finish. This is ideal for high traffic, high contact areas such as hand rails and commercial applications.

Powder coating is available in clear, solid color palettes, and textured palettes.

Additional Finishes and Coatings

We provide commercial finishes to specifications. Please contact us to discuss your needs.